100 Classics Challenge

What is the 100 Classic Challenge? That’s what everyone asks me. The truth is, I believe that this challenge is my sick and twisted way of torturing myself. However, I will just venture to say that my bucket list includes 100 classic novels. So far, in my life, I have exactly 10 read. I guess I have a long way to go yet. On this blog you will find my posts on current read classics, quips about the books, funny images that relate to what I’m reading, and hopefully some responses from fans that want to follow along with my adventure. Feel free to read the books with me and comment as we go. It could be like our own twisted little book club.

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You Must Be Mistaken

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    I have to stop buying books… but really I got 33 books for $3.50… I can’t say “no” to that kind of deal…
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    This is why I’m broke.
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